Welcome to CPDAid Development

This is CPDAid, a site where you can download, learn about us and ofc Learn how to Mod. by Brejax

What we do?

We are creating Mods, Skins, Maps, Scripts & Tools. You think we are just Modding on Call of Duty, Of Course not! We are working on different stuff, Like Websites, and other Games.

Banned Players (GameServer's)

Did you get Banned for no reason?, You can send an Unban reguest via Website: Unban ME!


We have an Download Portal, where you can Download our Mods and/or Mods from other poeples. Check it out!: DOWNLOAD PORTAL


Who we are

  • Welcome to our Website dear user. Simple Website, which allows you to navigate to our Downloads and more. The organization was founded in 2022. And has specialized in tools, scripts, skins and much more, I (Mambu) founded the group "CoD.ET Devs" to work together with other coders. Another CoD.ET Staff joined 1 day later (Zilch). We released our first Tool on: 10/03/2022, and it was very well received by many players. So we continued. We want to get EVERYTHING from CoD1, we are also always available to support you. Ofcourse we can do more things, not only CoD1 Things. We also accept "contracts" for players who need an in-game tool or something else.

    We offer:

    We offer some things for you

    • GameServers up to [20€] (64Slots)
    • Menu Templates for Call of Duty 1 - UO
    • Creating a Mod for you
    • Upload/Download Service + FTP Access
    • Tutorials


    Important Information

    • If you have any Problems to load Pictures on our Website.
    • Please delete the Cookies on our Website (Pictures & Videos on the Cache).
    • after you did it, you can reload just the Website.